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About G-SEC
The Global Security Research Institute (G-SEC), Keio University covers a wide range of current issues, including those concerning science technology and innovation, energy, the environment, security, including human security. In its researches the Institute examines the policies relating to these issues which affect the entire globe and which also have an influence on individual lives.

The G-SEC is a research institute that seeks to anticipate changes in the world and take up academic research from among challenges forced by society today. The Institute studies objective such contemporary issues with a view to generating objective assessments and policy recommendation.
In order to tackle these problems effectively, it is felt that interdisciplinary collaboration, as well as global alliances among academic research institutes and specialized organizations would serve to future such an objective.

The G-SEC made a fresh start as a new research entity in June 2004. It aims at reorganizing in an evolving manner, the conventional research center comprising individual research projects to build, research networks with other entities. These include close and dynamic collaboration with Keio's other academic research organizations, and other universities, research institutes, private companies and not-for-profit organizations, both in Japan and overseas, with an eye on pushing forward cutting-edge academic research.

From a global perspective, the G-SEC will encourage the advancement of academic studies, both basic and applied, at the international level. The accumulated knowledge would released be and published both within the university and for as a whole, so as to contribute sustainable development in the world.