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Message from the Director
Message from the Director
 The aim of the Global Security Research Institute (G-SEC) is to utilize the world-class academic and research resources of Keio University and apply them to issues relevant to society at large, and at the same time ensure that the needs of society are reflected in research and other activities at the University. I believe G-SEC plays an important role as a point of intersection between Keio University and the broader world.
 G-SEC has many research projects underway in which the underlying task is for researchers, in their respective capacities as specialists, to carefully monitor (watch) market trends, policy developments, environmental issues, and a host of other phenomena, and then inform (warn) others of their findings since establishment in Jun, 2004. We have made significant progress towards advanced education in the 2009 academic year with a new endowed lecture series.
 We shall continue to enhance the quality of research at the Global Security Research Institute in order to create a more synergistic relationship with Keio University and the world around it, a relationship in which society benefits from the excellent research resources of Keio University and the University benefits from the wisdom that the larger society has to offer. To this purpose, I ask for your continued support and cooperation.

Keigo Komamura,
Director, Global Security Research Institute,
Keio University
April 2016