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A Distant Memory or Valuable Lesson?
Five Years after the Great East Japan Earthquake
G-SEC Leaders Conference on Post-Disaster Reconstruction (July 23)

Date/Time July 23, 2016 (Sat.) 13:00-15:30
Place G-SEC Lab, 6F East Research Building, Mita Campus, Keio University
Capacity 150

Since 2012, Keio University Global Security Research Institute (G-SEC) has been hosting the Leaders Conference on Post-Disaster Reconstruction as part of the reconstruction efforts toward the Great East Japan Earthquake.
More than 100 people from national and local governments, private companies, academia, and NPOs and NGOs have joined the conference committee in the first three years, sharing information and participating in discussions and study groups regarding reconstruction work in the disaster-hit areas. Based on these activities, twelve proposals/action plans have been compiled and put forward. (http://f-leaders.gsec.keio.ac.jp/ [Japanese language only])
For this conference, Mr. Masakatsu Okamoto (Special Advisor to the Cabinet and Director-General of the Fukushima Headquarters for Fukushima Reconstruction and Revitalization), who has been playing a core role in the recovery and reconstruction efforts for the Great East Japan Earthquake since the disaster hit five years ago, will deliver a lecture on the recovery and reconstruction outcomes and issues of the past five years, the recent Kumamoto earthquakes, and the lessons learned for the future.
Following the lecture, the committee members of the Leaders Conference on Post-Disaster Reconstruction will join two panel discussions that will cover various topics: the network formed among the conference members and commercialization in the disaster-stricken areas; collaboration between organizations; new activities toward reconstruction; the progress made in the last five years through the members’ activities in past conferences; and future directions in managing reconstruction efforts.

13:00  Opening remarks
13:10  Keynote lecture:
“Five Years After the Great East Japan Earthquake: Reconstruction Outcomes, Issues, and Outlook”
Mr. Masakatsu Okamoto (Special Advisor to the Cabinet, Director-General of the Fukushima Headquarters for Fukushima Reconstruction and Revitalization, former Vice Minister of the Reconstruction Agency)
*Please refrain from taking video or audio recordings during the lecture.

14:00  Panel Discussion: “System and Structure for Post-Disaster Reconstruction”
         Mr. Tadashi Okamoto, Mr. Daiju Takahashi, Ms. Shoko Miyagawa, Ms. Rena Ryuji
         Moderator: Mr. Retsu Fujisawa
         Panel Discussion: “Walking Together on the Path to Restoration”
         Ms. Takako Adaniya, Mr. Ippei Nango, Mr. Seiji Hosokawa, Ms. Satomi Yamaguchi
         Moderator: Mr. Kazutaka Okubo
         For profiles of all speakers and event details, visit the following link (Japanese language only)

*Please note that the English titles of the keynote lecture and panel discussions are not official translations.
*Language: Japanese (Interpretation is not available in this symposium.)
*Please direct any requests or inquiries to the contact information provided below.

Inquiries nxl-office[at]gsec.keio.ac.jp

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